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STEM class

STEM class During our STEM class this week, we delved into the study of the human body, specifically focusing on the skeleton. Using X-ray images, we analyzed the structure and organization of human bones. To further enhance our understanding, we engaged in a hands-on activity where we cut and glued

Summer camp 2022

As autumn approaches and summer fades away, we fondly recall Summer camp 2022 and its seven thematic weeks! The topics were: “The sound of music,” “Art is all around us,” “Bringing books to life,” “Amazing animals,” “Healthy mind in a healthy body,” “Let’s go to Mexico and

Kindergarten pearls

In this blog, we bring you the precious pearls of children that have been collected over the years. Enjoy reading them! (T= teacher, C=child) C: This story doesn’t work. I’ll take another. T: How was your weekend? What did you do?C: Pooped and peed. C: Teacher, how much more will you live?T: ?!*

Carnival party

On “Fat Tuesday,” March 1st, we had the traditional Carnival party in our Kindergarten. On that day, all the children came to the Kindergarten dressed up in their favorite costumes! Party began after breakfast with games, dance, music, and costumes presentation! Children ate traditional

Dinosaurs-volcano party

This weekend we celebrated another birthday in the theme of dinosaurs and volcanoes! Did you know that approximately 700 species of dinosaurs existed on Earth? Dinosaurs are a group of reptiles that have lived on Earth for about 245 million years. Although some types of dinosaurs were gigantic and d

Project “Children help children”

Early on, children can learn that helping others is a noble, responsible, and right thing to do. They can learn that helping someone will also benefit them. Starting from this thesis, we started the project “Children help children,” which has been going on since our kindergarten was foun