Parents’ jobs and hobbies

In April, we began a new project about the jobs and hobbies of children’s parents.

First, we hosted a parent who works in a laboratory. She talked about the role of blood in our bodies and the importance of blood tests for our overall health. That gave us an idea to set up our Kindergarten lab for pretend play.

The following parent gave us the first-hand experience of how it is to work at Glovo delivery service. Children used a Glovo app version explicitly designed for pretend play. Therefore, they were able to order and prepare the food our kindergarten ‘restaurant’ usually offers. We went through the whole process couple of times because kids were asking to do it again and again.

Thanks to another parent, a hairstylist, the children got original hairstyles that she made for them. They also learned about the tools and the types of hairstyles.

Is anybody else here whose hobby is dancing? One mother came to present Latino American and traditional Croatian dances. We can’t wait to put on our dancing shoes again!

One more mum decided to share her hobby with us and made delicious Italian Pizzelle that somewhat resemble waffles. Children participated in every step of the process, enjoying the fruits of their hard work at the end.

We also welcomed a dad who presented his work of video editing and trailer making for television. We learned about the visual effects, audio alteration, and perhaps not to trust everything we see on the TV. Children were choosing the changes that could make to a video (lightning or fire effects, speeding up or slowing down, voice changes, etc.). Expressions on their faces said it all!

Another day, teachers from ‘Aikido Društvo Zagreb’ shared with us some of their techniques and spoke about the philosophy of Aikido. Unlike most other martial arts, Aikido relies on redirecting your opponent’s attack instead of punching or kicking. It is a form of non-violent self-defense. Aikido has no tournaments or competitions. Instead, all Aikido techniques are learned cooperatively at the level of each student’s ability.

Enjoy some of the photos of children and their parents:

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