Month: veljača 2022

Dinosaurs-volcano party

This weekend we celebrated another birthday in the theme of dinosaurs and volcanoes! Did you know that approximately 700 species of dinosaurs existed on Earth? Dinosaurs are a group of reptiles that have lived on Earth for about 245 million years. Although some types of dinosaurs were gigantic and d

Project “Children help children”

Early on, children can learn that helping others is a noble, responsible, and right thing to do. They can learn that helping someone will also benefit them. Starting from this thesis, we started the project “Children help children,” which has been going on since our kindergarten was foun

Ski school

February in our kindergarten is also known for its ski school, which we achieved again this year with the Superkid sports club.Fourteen children learned to ski or have perfected skiing in just five days. But it was not easy for them because every sport, including skiing, requires discipline, diligen

Birthday parties

Birthday celebrations are our special joy! All that the birthday child needs is to choose a theme, and we will make sure that everything is on this particular topic: invitations, decorations, games, food, and more. We have organized different parties throughout the years. Each one was unique and dif

Drama open class

It was great pleasure to guide children through drama classes in the past few months. On Tuesday, Feb.1st, drama teacher  invited parents to a public class in order to share with them some of creative games and exercises they did so far.  The main goal of drama workshop is to encourage and