Project “Children help children”

Early on, children can learn that helping others is a noble, responsible, and right thing to do. They can learn that helping someone will also benefit them. Starting from this thesis, we started the project “Children help children,” which has been going on since our kindergarten was founded.
The project is designed to find children who need our help, several times a year! They can be in our nearest neighborhood and halfway around the world, such as Africa. Thanks to the teacher’s ingenuity, ideas, and children’s help, we present our project to parents who always support it. Here are some of the actions we’ve accomplished in these seven years:

Schooling girl from Uganda

Almost seven years ago, our kindergarten became a friend to a little girl from Uganda. Through the Zdenac association, we deposit 120 euros every year to provide our friend with education, books, school uniform, and a hot meal. After the scholarship is renewed, we get photos of the girl and her progress  info. It is a true pleasure and blessing to see her growing and developing each year more and more! Our wish for her is to continue her education and fulfill her dreams!

Visits to children’s hospitals and homes

With children’s and parents’ help, we collected money, food, toys, hygiene products, clothes, and shoes. The collected items were intended for children at the special hospital for chronic childhood diseases “Gornja Bistra” and children from the house of St. Theresa, children’s home in Zagreb. We personally took the packages to the children and spent time with them. That experience was very joyful, emotional, and priceless for all of us.

We continued our friendship with the children and nouns from the children’s home, inviting them to visit our kindergarten. It was a memorable day full of laughter, play, and socializing.

Other charity projects

Children and teachers organized Christmas and Spring fairs to sell their arts and crafts throughout the years. By buying those handcrafts, parents voluntary contributed to many project, which was intended to help:

  • nutrition of children in poor countries of Africa and South America (December 2016)
  • Pregnant women and mothers temporarily placed in the “House of Love” in Zagreb (December 2018)
  • the project School for Africa (December 2019)
  • a boy with autism from Metković, Croatia (December 2020)
  • family with two children from Petrinja whose house was destroyed in the earthquake (April  2021)
  • our colleague for medical treatment (December, 2021)

As Frederic Lenz said,” Selfless giving is the art of living,” so we look forward to new projects and friends who need our help!

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