The Caterpillars – nursery for children from 1 to 3 years

“The first years are important forever because, in that period, one passes from being nothing
into being something.” M.Montessori

The first three years lay the foundation for the child’s future, and we firmly believe in it. Our top priority is to offer a secure and stimulating atmosphere for babies and toddlers.

We foster the growth of gross and fine motor skills, speech, cognitive skills, socio-emotional skills, and more through a range of activities.


Home-like environment, where children are comfortable and confident, feeling safe and secure to explore and learn. Our kindergarten is a place where everyone knows one another's name, including the children, teachers, parents, and support staff.

Play Areas

The large, bright playroom includes colorful mats, a story area, a building center and dramatic play area, art and music center, a sensory-motor area, and an assortment of age-appropriate toys.


Early childhood education and teaching English as a second language are areas of expertise for our qualified teachers. Each teacher has additional interests, knowledge, and talents in a particular field, such as music, art, sports, science, drama, practical-life activities, etc.


Babies and toddlers receive all possible care and attention: proper hygiene, nutrition, rest, protection, and lots of verbal support, hugs, and love.


Our team of educators leads children effortlessly, taking into account their individual needs, differences, preferences, and capabilities. Strong emotional bonds can only be formed by prioritizing the child's needs.


The infant program is highly adaptable to every child's schedule and requirements, with activities that are based on their interests. Our successful recipe involves play-based learning and a stimulating environment, also referred to as the “third teacher”.