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p1bsko3sah1hqfekt180hdt84sdtOrganization of space and work method are based on desire to provide second home to the children.
Our kindergarten is situated in a newly reconstructed and refurbished house and, unlike large institutional premises, it provides a unique refuge and family atmosphere. Combined, it enables the children to feel free to explore and create. As for their emotional needs, soothing arms of their teachers are always there.
Education inside the family, although modified and adjusted, contains those traditional values of healthy work-related education, which is not separable and which is necessary for the intellectual, physical and emotional development needed to form a healthy individual.This is the process in which we use certain content and means to influence children, their capabilities, and attitude towards certain goals. We stimulate their interest for new things.



homeRemetski kamenjak 1, Zagreb

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05 October 2017
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